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Apple doesn’t want you trading NFTs on your phone (unless it makes them money)

Nov 25, 2022

Apple is no stranger to asserting its dominance. That’s exactly what the tech giant did this week when it announced new, stringent guidelines for NFT transactions in the iOS App Store, marking the first time the company has taken any sort of substantial position on web3. We hopped on the mic for the Thursday episode of Chain Reaction to discuss the new rules and how they could make life harder for NFT exchanges and crypto companies looking to grow through mobile adoption. You can liste ...read more

Third-party developer resurrects Paragon with help and permission from Epic Games

Nov 24, 2022

WTF?! The success of Fortnite and Overwatch left a few similar games in their wake, which were subsequently pulled offline a few years ago after failing to gain traction. One of those projects is getting a second chance in a roundabout way with the help of Fortnite developer Epic Games. Users surfing through Steam or the Epic Games Store for free-to-play shooters may be surprised to see Paragon reemerge. Developer Netmarble FC is reviving the name to launch a new, very similar game this fall. ...read more

Apple says, ‘NFTs? Yes, fees’

Nov 24, 2022

Image Credits: TechCrunch Welcome back to Chain Reaction. Last week, we recorded our news episode live onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt, in which we talked about the Aptos launch and shared our predictions for where we expect money to flow in the web3 world. This week, we dove into NFTs, examining Apple’s new App Store guidelines and Reddit’s recent success in the space. We also announced some personal news — one of our co-hosts, Lucas Matney, has moved on to new adventures outside o ...read more

Engineers at Harvard developed a robot hand that has pneumatic tentacles instead of fingers

Nov 24, 2022

In context: Engineers often model robots after humans. Even the robotic arms in a car manufacturing plant bear a passing resemblance to their human counterpart. The main difference usually comes down to the hand. To continue the assembly line example, robotic arms are typically fitted with whatever is needed for that section of the line. It could be a wielder or a large pincer for gripping a door. Claws and robotic hands with fingers are great for picking up things like a box, a cup, or a car ...read more

Why Embedding Content Matters

Nov 24, 2022

from the embedding-is-core-to-the-internet dept Imagine waking up in the morning, grabbing your hot cup of coffee, and scrolling your favorite blog post or website, only to find it looking like this: Images are missing. Video content is not there. Nothing but an empty black void staring back at you. This is what could happen if a recent case brought to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Hunley v. Instagram, brings about a change to how content can be shared around the Internet. Two we ...read more

Clubhouse’s Paul Davison on Twitter, the impact of hype and what happened

Nov 24, 2022

For most venture-backed social companies, a period of hypergrowth seems like it would be the dream. It means the app broke through the noise of thousands of others, resonated with a mass market of people and didn’t need to spend a penny on marketing. Clubhouse, however, offered a retort to that perspective. The app’s fall from peak, both in terms of daily active users and general fanfare among techies, has been intriguing after its splashy invite-only start. Paul Davison, Clubhouse c ...read more

Why is Hydroelectricity So Green, and Yet Unfashionable?

Nov 24, 2022

I live in Manitoba, a province of Canada where all but a tiny fraction of electricity is generated from the potential energy of water. Unlike in British Columbia and Quebec, where generation relies on huge dams, our dams on the Nelson River are low, with hydraulic heads of no more than 30 meters, which creates only small reservoirs. Of course, the potential is the product of mass, the gravitational constant, and height, but the dams’ modest height is readily compensated for by a large mass, ...read more

HealthJoy raises $60M to make benefits easier to navigate

Nov 24, 2022

Healthcare benefits are great, but navigating them often isn’t. HealthJoy wants to make the experience more seamless for employees, while helping HR departments reduce the number of underutilized benefits. The Chicago-based company announced today it has raised $60 million in Series D funding, led by Valspring Capital with participation from Endeavor Vision and CIBC Innovation Banking. Returning investors U.S. Venture Partners, GoHealth founders Brandon Cruz and Clint Jones, Health Velocity C ...read more

Telegram announces username auctions on TON blockchain

Nov 24, 2022

Telegram announced today that will it hold an auction for usernames — for both individual accounts and channels — through a marketplace built on top of the TON blockchain. In August, Telegram founder Pavel Durov first mentioned the idea by noting the possibility of adding “a little bit of Web 3.0 to Telegram in the coming weeks.” At that time, he said he was impressed by the success of the TON Foundation’s auction of domain names. “I’m really impressed by the success of the ...read more

The GeekWire Gala is back: Seattle’s geekiest holiday party returns Dec. 7

Nov 24, 2022

Our favorite “geek chic” holiday party, the GeekWire Gala, is taking place Wednesday, Dec. 7, at the historic Block 41 in Seattle. It’s our first time hosting the GeekWire Gala since 2019. Don’t miss out on a night full of great music, festive cocktails, tasty treats, and more as we celebrate another year in tech. Tickets are available now — grab yours here to ensure your spot at the party. Bring colleagues and friends and make the GeekWire Gala your team’s holiday par ...read more